Data Metallogenica's expansive vision will ensure that it is forever a work in progress.

The heritage of samples collected by Peter Laznicka, plus new material from AMIRA Project P554 was photographed in its entirety and released to sponsors of P554 in July 2002, and subsequently in March 2003 to the subscribing public. The data release comprised images of more than 3000 Lithotheque rock sets and 1200 high resolution images of individual samples from key "type" deposits, in addition to explanatory sample "legends", a major spectral (PIMA) mineralogical database of over 5500 measurements, and many deposit summaries.

Further collecting and sample photography continued in AMIRA Project P554A from December 2002 to November 2004.

A major effort is being made concurrently to add supporting data to broaden the value of the database - this includes deposit descriptions, maps and sections (geology, geophysics, geochemistry), field and mine photographs, petrographic photos and other material of interest. In the future, data on mining, mineral processing, environmental and other topics will be added.

The deposits which follow contain examples of data types progressively being added to the website:

In addition, a composite "pseudo-gallery" has been constructed to demonstrate many of data types that can be added progressively through the contributions of companies and individuals (click here). All contributions will be acknowledged and attributed.

Data Metallogenica is already an established and highly regarded source of information on global ore deposits set up for public benefit, with a charter to care for, and enhance the use of, samples and data which otherwise might be lost to explorers and educators forever. You can help maintain the momentum of the mission in several significant ways:
  • By providing vital financial support through sponsoring the project (for details and benefits, click here) or becoming a website subscriber (for details, click here)

  • By providing non-confidential company data or personal information such as maps or field and petrographic photographs (for details, click here)
We encourage you to contact us at any time with questions or comments.

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