Newsflash - 30 March, 2005

How similar are Voisey’s Bay and Nebo-Babel?

One of the great mineral discoveries of the 1990s was the giant Voisey’s Bay nickel sulphide deposit in a remote and poorly explored region of eastern Canada. The discovery was also somewhat unexpected in a geological sense, being hosted in a gneissic terrane dominated by large anorthositic and troctolitic intrusions of the Nain Suite, notably different to the settings of classic styles such as Sudbury, Thompson, Kambalda and Norils’k.

Within ten years, another exciting nickel discovery had been made in an equally remote and poorly explored region in the Musgrave Block in central Australia. In this case the Nebo-Babel deposits are similarly hosted by high-grade gneisses in a terrane dominated by the large layered intrusions of the Giles Complex, many of which are of anorthositic and troctolitic composition.

Inco and WMC have kindly provided significant unpublished data on these two deposits to Data Metallogenica which are available to website subscribers in various data galleries. In addition, an up-to-date and in-depth summary of the extraordinary geological development of the Musgrave Block is available to subscribers, and includes some provocative interpretations of the possible mineralisation association and setting which could have significant implications to exploration strategies and programs.

Make up your own minds as to the similarities and differences between these two deposits. To view this material, as well as many other nickel sulphide deposits from around the world, subscribe to Data Metallogenica today (click here for information).

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