Newsflash - 9 September, 2005

Gold in Latin America

Large new data galleries have been recently loaded on the Data Metallogenica website for many major gold deposits in Latin America from material provided by the operating companies. These include Pueblo Viejo (Dominican Republic), Alto Chicama (Peru), Veladero and Cerro Vanguardia (Argentina) and Crixas and Morro Velho (Brazil). These join previous galleries from Yanacocha, Pierina and Morro do Ouro; many of these deposits have high quality photographs of representative samples available on the website. New galleries are also currently being prepared for deposits such as Pascua Lama, La Coipa and Cerro Casale.

In addition, existing or new data galleries and sample photographs are available for major Andean copper deposits such as Escondida, Rio Blanco and Antamina.

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