Newsflash - 30 March, 2005

Ekati – the discovery that started a boom

The discovery of the Ekati group of kimberlite pipes in the remote Slave Province in northwest Canada in the early 1990s led to a giant and continuing exploration rush to an area previously little explored and often considered unexplorable by traditional methods due to the widespread glacial cover, magnetically active basement and poor drainage. Subsequent discoveries such as Diavik and many others emanating from the exploration boom has ensured that the Canadian Shield will become one of the world’s prime sources of diamonds for many years and have spawned a new exploration methodology for diamonds in such terrains.

BHP Billiton has generously provided significant unpublished geological data for the various individual kimberlite pipes such as Panda, Koala, Fox, Leslie and Misery to Data Metallogenica.

To view this material, as well as for many other diamond deposits from around the world such as Argyle and Ellendale subscribe to Data Metallogenica today (click here for information).

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