Newsflash - 29 November 2006

Australian Geoscience Thesis Database

The Australian Geoscience Thesis Database originated as the brainchild of Professor Allan White and Dr Amarendra Changkakoti, and began as an AMIRA International project P874 in December 2005, and will conclude in mid 2007.

The first part of that project, the listing of all geoscience theses from all Australian universities, including from those departments no longer in operation, has been generously released by the project sponsors to the subscribers of Data Metallogenica and will be loaded shortly. Over 10,000 thesis titles are listed. DM will be the beneficial owner of the listing and other future P874 products, and will arrange future annual updates of the listing.

To view this valuable database, as well as much other information from mineral deposits from around the world, subscribe to not-for-profit Data Metallogenica today (click here for information).

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