Newsflash - 25 August, 2006

New Commodity Data Galleries

Another new style of data gallery has been added to Data Metallogenica recently. These galleries contain global commodity reviews and will be a significant resource for teachers and students in the future. These compilations can be augmented with detailed data from the individual deposit galleries. The first two examples have now been added to DM:

  • NICKEL LATERITE – a comprehensive review of the location and characteristics of nickel laterite deposits from around the world, together with details on regolith profiles and formation, has been provided by Mick Elias from CSA Australia. DM has also received an excellent review report from Inco outlining the geology, resources, processing options and economics of global nickel laterites of past, current and future deposits.

  •  PGE – a global review of the different styles of PGE deposits and their relative importance, contributed by Tony Green of Falconbridge.

These galleries can be located through the “Commodity Presentations” button on the main Search Screen for DM after logging on.

To view these new galleries, as well as much other information from mineral deposits from around the world, subscribe to not-for-profit Data Metallogenica today (click here for information).

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