Data Metallogenica is a not-for-profit enterprise owned by AMIRA International, the mineral industry's research association, on behalf of the global mining industry.

It has been established following the acquisition of an extensive mineral deposit sample collection from Professor Peter Laznicka, formerly of the University of Manitoba, and is being expanded with funding provided by its many sponsors and supporters as a global educational, reference and training resource.

It is required to be financially self-sufficient from December 2004, with income derived from annual web subscriptions and new sponsorships.

Annual web subscriptions have been determined by the size and type of institution and so as to be proportionately 'fair' across the market. Cost to companies approximates to US$1 per week per geoscientist. The fee schedule is based on industry feedback and revenue required for on-going needs. A special rate is offered for universities and geological survey organisations. No restrictions are placed on the number or frequency of users.

Your support as a new subscriber or sponsor would be very welcome to assist in the growth and preservation of this unique and priceless resource for the benefit of all who are interested in ore deposits.


Sponsoring Corporations & Institutions (List on DM Homepage)

Non-Sponsoring Corporations & Institutions


Please print the form, complete it, and return it to the address indicated with payment (by credit card, cheque or electronic funds transfer). On receipt of payment, login access codes will be issued which are valid for a period of twelve months. General queries or requests for further information should be directed to Dr Alan Goode.