It is recommended that you view Data Metallogenica photogalleries using Microsoft Internet Exlorer Version 5.5 or higher, and a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Click on any thumbnail to view the image at full size. This gallery contains several types of data from more than one deposit which is not normally the case. In practice, galleries are specific to deposit and data type (eg plan, field, measurement), and introduced by a description: an example of which follows for Las Cruces:-

The Las Cruces copper deposit is located 20 km northwest of Seville, in the Autonomous Region of Andalusia, Spain. It is concealed under a cover of approximately 160 m of sediments and was discovered in 1994 by the use of gravity surveying. The current (2003) owners,MK Gold Company, plan open pit mining, leaching of ore, and production of cathode copper for sale to the European market. The deposit is probably early Carboniferous in age (~350 million Ma). Host rocks are volcanic tuffs and black shales with mineralisation having the typical Iberian Pyrite Belt characteristics of:- (1) massive base metal sulphides with trace silver and gold; (2) pyrite stockwork beneath massive mineralisation; (3) deformation, faulting, and extensive chlorite-sericite alteration; (4)metal zonation (Cu-rich and Zn+Pb-rich parts). In addition, uplift, weathering, and partial exposure have created a high grade supergene copper zone near the top of the orebody which includes gossan, precious metal concentration, and silicification of thehanging wall. The main Massive Sulphide (MS) unit is up to 100m thick, strikes broadly E-W over >1km and is thickest to the west.

Location: Las Cruces, Seville Province, Spain
Annotation: Location diagram
Source: Cobre Las Cruces, S.A. (CLC)
Date: 2003
File size: 20.01 Kb
Location: Ghana, West Africa
Source: Modified from Normandy La Source
Date: 2001
File size: 60.76 Kb
Location: Cadia, central New South Wales, Australia
Annotation: Location of Cadia within Ordovician volcanic arcs of the Lachlan Fold Belt
Source: Newcrest Mining Ltd
Date: 2001
File size: 66.55 Kb
Location: Central Bushmanland ore district, Namaqualand, South Africa
Annotation: Landsat TM image enhanced to map iron concentration at surface in red hues
Source: Kerry O'Sullivan
Date: Landsat TM image pre-1990
File size: 75.49 Kb
Location: Century deposit, Queensland
Annotation: Landsat TM image of the Century area showing location of the orebody at surface. A digital mask has been used to remove all colour information except for the mapped outcrop of Pmh2 and Pmh3 stratigraphic units. Landsat bands 1, 4 and 7 in red, green, blue.
Source: Kerry O'Sullivan
Date: circa 1997
File size: 75.95 Kb
Location: Central Bushmanland ore district, Namaqualand, South Africa
Annotation: Air photo mosaic
Source: Alan Goode
Date: circa 1977
File size: 81.65 Kb
Location: Hamersley Basin, Western Australia
Annotation: Annotated high altitude view west of the Turner Syncline and Mt Tom Price operations of Hamersley Iron Pty Ltd
Source: Kerry O'Sullivan
Date: 1985
File size: 62.52 Kb
Location: Paraburdoo, Hamersley Basin, Western Australia
Annotation: Aerial view east along axis of South East Prong
Source: Kerry O'Sullivan
Date: 1985
File size: 54.19 Kb
Location: Dugald River, Mt Isa Inlier, Queensland, Australia
Annotation: Air photo mosaic of the Dugald River Zn-Pb-Ag lode
Source: Kerry O'Sullivan
Date: 15 August 1989
File size: 109.76 Kb

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